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3 days after The Bailout

Oct8 TheFall Aftert The Help:


I must clarify that am new at this and recently began to learn about the Market. I have written several posts already in this Blog, however I did not present the goals and vision statement of the RedeSerpent Blog. The Vision Statement will be located in the updated first post: “Hello a new world perspective”. It is a new world perspective because it will challenge me and the readers, I hope, to see the world with new eyes from the angle of ‘Our Paycheck’ and years ago it became clear how pervasive was Wall Street in the performance of my job meaning being laid off because the CEO is trying to protect the Investors. I have struggled to communicate to my peers that it is the process of maximizing profits from the Shares Market Value that has the biggest impact in our paychecks, quality of available parts in manufacturing, choices of design to implement and `many other aspects important to the vitality of Quality in Manufacturing. CEO’s easily bamboozle employees with a language foreign to the rank and file employee that sounds like Chinese: “Finance-ereese” heavy with the Wall Street dialect.

Well the failure of executives is exposed their denial persists. Mr. Sullivan was grilled by Congress this week for their dismal performance at AIG. After being shamefully humiliated with a Bailout They Spend over $400,000.00, tax money to pamper themselves like rich old women, certainly the code of the Samurai(remember Xerox’s book) did not apply to these frugal bunch that are looking out for financial welfare of the Investors. All of their talk cannot be hard over the loud hypocritical behavior

Came to the realization that this was the weakest point of my knowledge, global,affairs, the US economy and the main force that drives business decisions in the US to lay off workers, and the main reason why US legacy products have poor quality. and understanding of my financial welfare which is close to zero, zero is good, is Zen monk like. For years I have meditated and pursued a spiritual frugality of leaving no tracks behind. Well soon I discovered Sasquatch was following me, I could see the footprints behind me.

It was clear urgent that I would begin my education on this area, this is what this blog will reflect in part and in part how this affects our lives


Thursday October 09’08 7:00 am

DAX 5038.38 [+24.76 /// +0.49%]

Nikkei 9,157.49 [-45.83] /// -0.5]

FTSE 4420.72 [+54.03 /// +1.24%]


closed Wednesday October 8-’08

DJI:9258.10 [-189.01///-2.00%]
Nasdaq Composite 1,740.33 [-14.55///-0.83%]

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (AMEX:SPY) 97.51 [-2.52 /// -2.52% ]

WTI CRUDE FUTURE (USD/bbl.) $89.240 [+0.290 /// +0.33%]

GOLD 100 OZ FUTR (USD/t oz ) $887.2 [19.300 /// 2.13%]

WHEAT FUTURE(KCB) (USd/bu.) $649.500 [+11.5 /// +1.80%]



closed Tuesday Oct 7 ’08:

DJI: 9447.11 [ -508.39 /// %]; NASDAQ [1754.88 [-108.08 /// %]

Au(gold): [ /// %]; Ar(silver): [ /// %]AA


The 3d Day after the bailout, Wednesday October 8, the S&P falls bellow 1,000 points falling 5.7 %

US CDs: 5.58 [1 mo]; 5.44 [6 mo]; 6.51 [12 mo]

EURO CDs: 5.15 [1 mo]; 5.44 [6 mo]; 5.5 [12 mo]

US Libor: 3.93 {overnight]; 4.14 [1 mo]; 4.01 [6 mo]; 3.9 [12 mo]

Euro Libor: 4.48 [overnight]; 5.16 [1 mo]; 5.43 [6 mo]; 5.48 [12 mo]

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