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Pelosi, Cheney, GOP, Dems: just Political Pink Noise

  • Pink Noise exists in nature and has been observed with a systems thinking mind to show in financial systems. Do not allow them to distract you from your Life, stay the course of your family’s goals. Why say family as opposed to personal? Because I strongly believe that the demise of our social institutions and inter-sociability was tipped over by the wave of rational egotism represented in the works of Ayn Rand. When you look at your life what about personal responsibility owed to love of your growing children and aging friends and relatives?

Right now at 12:45 EST:


S&P 500 891.20 2.87 0.32
NASDAQ 1,699.59 4.34 0.26
Russell 2000 480.24 -0.98 -0.20
S&P/TSX Comp 10,019.01 69.42 0.70
Mexico Bolsa 24,137.42 316.16 1.33
Brazil Bovespa 50,548.03 460.70 0.92
  • A few days ago The Washington Post ran an article: Topic A: Is Pelosi in Trouble? where minor pubas of of our political scene attacked and defended Ms. Pelosi. Now to add to the circus Mr. Cheney, our previous vice-president, has become media accessible and is noisily attacking the Speaker of the House, my question is: To what objective is it more important to distract the country from the most important event of our generation? What is so important to the dominant media figures for the GOP to squander our minds, efforts, attention to find solutions to our present economic state in order to talk about an issue that most Americans and probably the world agrees, quietly yes but has worked out in their minds and soul, torture. The repudiation of those policies has been clear and the world has rejoiced: complete overturn of President, Senate, House and now maybe even the Supreme Court. And why haven’t the Democratic leaders asked Ms. Pelosi to step down for that matter what is point to these blog (personal responsibility in the service to your community) why has not M. Pelosi stepped down herself and allow an honorable process. She owes it to he country she has vowed to serve, and they all have made that vow when taking office.
  • We can see and hear the media circus. Also what could be so important to Mr. Cheney? Ego: doubt it, for  those driven to accomplish ego is insufficent fuel for their Ego. Power: He already has it, I mean access to it. Vendetta or Guilt: You need ultra-sensitive feelings for that, doubt it. Control: now that opens questions of who & what.
  • Failing to identify, acquire and meet successfully with targets for one year is part of growing, for one decade is poor leadership from the elders network however to do so for two generations! Man the whole country needs dusting off. How? Friends  do not worry history does that for everyone without failing.
  • There are trillions of dollars to be unleashed in the US alone and also overseas. A new financial map is to revisit the USA. Consider that Cerberus had a critical stake in the owner ship of Chrysler and Black Oak Partners LLC may buy Saturn which I predict is poised for a great future if managed with the will to succeed. Private interests may be the forces that fuel the American Industry.
  • I  remember seeing in CSPAN back in 1991? that then President H. W. Bush had commissioned a study in regards of the competitiveness of the US versus Europe and Japan. The summary said something to the effect that  what handicapped the American Corporations was that they financed their ventures with money from the Market and therefore they had to report profits on the Quarterly basis as opposed to Germans and Japanese who funded their production with Bank’s money therefore not having to reform their goals quarterly and affording the luxury of long term goals.

Lets be aware of the Political Pink Noise but lets not get hypnotized by it.

STAY: Do not allow them to distract you from your Life, stay the course, STAY.


Oil 60.96 -0.09 -0.15
Gold 958.80 7.60 0.80
Natural Gas 3.53 -0.07 -1.92

MORTGAGE RATES (Rates may include points.)

15-YEAR 4.63 4.61
30-YEAR 4.98 4.86
1-YEAR ARM 4.61 4.74
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Are we tired yet? On Persia: Leading is not for wimps

May 14 4:35pm ET † Change %Change Level
Dow +46.43 +0.56% 8,331.32
NASDAQ +25.02 +1.50% 1,689.21
S&P +9.15 +1.04% 893.07

News bit: Down the rabbit hole has different meaning if you are a Democrat, see Ms. Pelosi denies knowledge of water boarding. Soon Alice will be joined by Dorothy and Toto and maybe Bilbo Bagins, this borscht is just beginning to cook and Mount doom is far away I predict and they will be home all alone my pretty, this mess will remind you of early UFC fights.
Feature Subject: How to deal with Nuclear Persia (not Iran & they are not Arabs) is the elephant that won’t leave the American living room. Considering our posturing on the issue this is one headache that cannot be wished away with a Gandhi like protest no matter how peace minded we become nor how much tofu we eat, I like tofu at times, ok. What we need to get real about is that Persia has been acquiring nuclear material (with our assistance) since the 1970’s and they were at that point in time culturally friendly to the USA, are the only ones with the willingness to stop any of its Arab neighbors and therefore can be of benefit to us in dealing with the nightmare of a Taliban controlled nuclear Pakistan. Why would Persia assist us? They would not they would be assisting themselves Remember the story of the scorpion and the turtle? Is in their nature. They have an uninterrupted history of nearly 3,000 years and dominated the known ancient world.
We have assisted other peoples with money and weapons and their raw materials!!.
This is when I need you to pay attention: we did so when they were far weaker than us.
Now there are fewer weaker nations with resources, also the gap between weaker and stronger has closed dramatically since our Corporate Executive betrayed the USA by nearly destroying our manufacturing base.
We need to study and reassess the dynamics of nation building and leadership before somebody else does and applies it to our detriment.
So we look in the living room and low and behold there it is! still there, the Persian elephant that wont leave until we give them nuclear weapons.
Is not going away by ignoring him folks