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Twitter: 4Sale: back 2Old failed ideas?

The buzz is that Google or Microsoft should buy Twitter because it will improve their business
Amazing just after the Wall Street crash and people are still thinking with their BUBBLE HAT.
Why is all of this hubris in my opinion?


First is necessary to mention that I love Twitter un-apologeticaly, why? Results, long awaited results. Do you remember getting your first 300 baud modem/ Mine was a used Hayes & back then browsing was an art or an adventure, :-D  we knew the pin-outs of the connectors and basic code, so that we could get the basic and latest news from afar and from bulletin boards in the know with their finger on the pulse LOL. Ham radio enthusiasts worked hard to rig their radios to computers blah blah blah …the things we dreamed we could do if we only had the right tools. Well that tool has arrived sweetly: Twitter, actually tool
My knowledge has grown like an understanding and satisfaction of knowing amazing people as they live their lives, faster with Twitter than with any other method available 2 the public, Price tag: $$ Invaluable.
Twitter and the Twitterverse (Twitter universe) is an awesome resource because it has a fundamental sound engine and truly is a system made up of many independent tools: reTweetRadar, nearby tweets and many more. Many hundred of thousands feel this way and millions do similarly. In these there is a sense of unity and brotherhood/fellowship.
Twitter by itself is great but by itself lacks the sum power of what it is today. The Twitter universe is a system of independent companies what gives it its explosive power.
Google (GOOG)-Twitter is a win-win-win solution for both companies and Twitteverse
Microsoft-Twitter is a win-lose-lose, good for Microsoft (MSFT), bad for Twitter lousy for Twitteverse,
MSFT would not allow integration of all the integrated/synergyzed tools available for Twitter such as Tweetwasters, Twubble, Twitscoop, Twitter Analyzer, Qwitter an other & those to come. The MSFT mindset is allergic to those principles.
Why do I think the $1billion sale to Microsoft or Google is hubris at this point? Because the Gods of Corporate Destiny resemble the bickering self centered Gods of Mount Olympus more so than any other mythological set.
When one is to consider the fact that a fair share of today’s Twitter rise is a bubble created by the “break the record followers” effect so the novelty will subside leaving a faithful core that has been capable and willing to exploit Twitter’s premise of micro-blogging and I think most of it is intuitive knowing and perhaps that is why is so viral.
Learn 2 Live and Let Live.
Relax and pay attention.