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Is R. Nader defending GM, Waz Up?

Is Ralph Nader sticking up for the consumers affected by GM  pro-Business yet anti-American Strategies or for their shareholders. Fortune magazine published an article recalling the long bellicose relationship between Nader and GM
We are talking of Mr. Ralph Nader precursor to the Green party (Ecological battle over Lake Erie) probably an  ideologically distant cousin to Mr. Noam Chomsky.  Mr. Nader claims  “The rights of workers have been on the decline”.  Accurate or not this is the man that fought GM with the book  “Unsafe at any speed” (1965). Appears this is the man to defend GM, truly sad how far down the GM Executive stewardship has fallen and I do not mean their white or blue collar workers, I mean their Jet Set.

What  happened  in those Executive offices or perhaps what did not happen is the ailment of that failed old Industrial Oligarchy in general, with their educational dragon’s lairds and clubby entitlements, did they failed to adapt to the times and ways of Executive smarts displayed by Microsoft, Cisco, Paychex, Apple, Google even Yahoo? We must know.
My guess is that their system could no longer keep up the pretenses of promoting the skillful and qualified among their brethren. Cronyism bears fruit.

Unions you say, was the downfall, well Germans have stronger unions than we do and so do Italians yet Fiat is about to Own a good chunk of GM and Chrysler, even Germany criticices the plan, accurate or not.

Lack of honesty is a part of the story but arrogance or sheer stupidity is the salient aspect of the story, when Mr. Wagoner testified in Congress in regard to Government loans he was quick to add that GM had made advances and one of GM models was selected as car of the year for safety, he failed to mention that the model car  was a Saab made in Sweden. Did he really believe that we do not read Auto Magazines and their car reports, what was he thinking?

Mr. Nader, an attorney and former assistant to Mr. Patrick Moynihan when he was secretary of Labor, has become GM’s advocate or perhaps ironically he has been always. Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Death) when asked about his new found fame in the mid 1980’s responded something like “arrived without having left ever”. Perhaps this may apply to Mr. Nader. Can he capitalize on this advantage is the question

Is American politics  about to get a face lift or an organ transplant? Where is your mindset: is it with the Wagoner’s of the world or the generation of  Steve Jobs, Page and Brin…

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