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GOP: Will its leaders rescue it in time from the Limbaugh train

What kind of party wants to be know in posterity for the party that internally opposed a decorated Hero (Senator John McCain and former Navy pilot) and is now insulting a former Joints Chief of Staff General Colin Powell ).

As a veteran am tired of watching the GOP allow itself to be led by the nose ring by 2 entertainers and allow the smearing of our warriors that served well in combat. The travesty of it all is how much The GOP decries the dysfunctional influence of Hollywood yet is afraid to denounce that the dysfunctional entertainer does not represent to Vision nor voice of the GOP, then again does it not??
The GOP has become the party of tawdry insults, deffinetely not a Conservative virtue nor value at all. The party for destroying Heroes regardless of party affiliation, the party of defiance run amok and self will run riot. Deffinitely not the party of Teddy Roosevelt nor Ronald Regan nor Barry Goldwater. Certainly the party of Mr. Limbaugh’s bile and those who relish it as sweet nectar.