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Political Anger Management with GOP’s Aspbergers like behavior.

I used to admire the GOP during the 70’s and 80’s but…¬†Does the new GOP have Aspbergers? ¬†We love the principles of Liberty they claim to spouse and love their guts and work ethic ¬†BUT … they are exhausting to watch and listen to. ¬† When we watch the news and listen interviews, it would be easy to follow the GOP logic IF AND ONLY IF we agree with their basic assumption: That the new GOP Ideology is American Constitutional Purity and anything else must be stopped or destroyed, at any cost. More and more their reactions are tantrums ¬†to anything that represents friction to the smooth sailing of this New RealGOP ideology. Which is simply the old WASP point of view. Clearly the GOP has very poor leadership skills and goals. Their Vision has ¬†turned egotistical, arrogant and childish.

Their explosive responses reminds me of the reaction exhibited by some autistic ¬†folk I know. They are perfectly fine in many areas and look normal and at times behave normal. We are awed sometimes at their unique talents. ¬†Some autistic folk explode in strong displays of dissatisfaction or anger when told NO. This happens often …moment to moment. It is exhausting on parents and take carers, or taxpayers like in this occasion with the Government shutdown fiasco.

This Government shutdown is hard to understand through the thick smoke of burning ideologies and hate. But it is really simple once we pause to identify our core values detached of favoritism. Fareed Zakaria’s post on How to solve the crisis in Washington deserves reading. It will help the reader to discover how simple is the way to solutions. By comparing the rhetoric of both parties versus the basic teachings about our political system, we will realize how Anger has clouded our thinking through an issue. ¬†And as a society how Anger has slowly isolated us from common sense while believing every body else lost it. How Anger is quietly soothing our sense of loss and becoming our companion.

So how do this happen to a society so advanced, curious, well informed, smart and caring like the USA? Are we burdened with data or has the digestion of information become a chore?

We may suffer with Decision Fatigue Syndrome

Our society became technically complicated and filled with information in all areas of our life: Law, medicine, crafts, business, hobbies you name it. Information became a requirement for negotiations. We are curious and fuel our need to know with more information and data. What no one suspected was that for every piece of information perused a decision is necessary. Do I think this information is data or just info. Do I believe this data? Do I trust the sources? What do I do with this? How does this info affect my goals?

It is important in our society to listen to both sides of an argument. Many political decisions are drastically different AND demand inspection or study of lots of information and make decisions about their accuracy, relevance and behavior in our lives.

Sometimes the data is drastically different from our expectations. Does this new knowledge demand a change in perspective and actions or behavior. And does it demand a character change?   DO I NEED A CHANGE IN IDEOLOGY

“Maybe a better way to describe chronic fatigue when it comes to Aspbergers and related conditions is to call it decision fatigue. The condition of decision fatigue comes from the world of social psychology ¬†Mental fatigue is different from ordinary physical fatigue. ”

 This is how a parent blogs about caring for a child with Aspberger and continues:

“Unlike physical fatigue, you can have mental fatigue without feeling tired. What happens with mental fatigue is that you start to experience everything more intensely. You become more irritated, more easily frustrated. You may have a powerful impulse to eat, drink, spend money, or blurt out something stupid.”

 In short we are asked to make countless decisions in our daily lives.

This leads to fatigue and depression. In the long term it leads to apathy about the opinion of others or Anger.

We can easily get off the Anger and emotional fatigue train. First we can start with basic Anger Management which boils down to Growing up.

Like if ‘Am angry at KLMN because ‘His ideology puts me in danger”‘ then ¬†‘Growing Up’ ¬†beyond anger is pausing long enough to ask of one self:¬†How do I really know this is true? What happened that i came to believe and agree these thoughts were real?
Now Decision Syndrome Fatigue may be one cause.

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If a firm is ”too big to fail,” it is … too big.

Today’s Political two cents:

Rants against Sotomayor will only accelerate the GOP certain split:

  • A) A radical wing claiming rights to the “WASP” legacy power, this seemingly popular and boisterous faction full of bile is left to keeping tabs on every transgression a la Taliban in here you will find the entertainers Media types that claim they are not the media because they fight the ‘Liberal Media” also defending “conservatives” values while displaying the most un-conservative values.
  • B) Another group will tent more open minded figures that allow differences of opinion in an imperfect world, here you will find: Gates, McCain, Powell real life Heroes and Veterans and business men and women such as Ms. Carly Fiorina or someone like Ms. Marissa Mayer from Google (I do not know her party affiliation though)
  • C) And hopefully my wish list: Innovators and entrepreneurs and others who have the character of their convictions. It would be nice to see in this group General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., Carol Barts(Yahoo) and High tech entrepreneurs. Why is it that all real deal entrepreneurs and innovators avoid the GOP: Steven Jobs(Apple), Sergei & Brin(Google), self made billionaire Tom Golisano founder of Paychex who helped create the Independence Party rather than join the GOP.


Topix 893.20 0.35 0.04
Hang Seng 17,885.27 893.71 5.26
Singapore Straits Times 2,280.31 -25.77 -1.12
S&P/ASX 3,751.50 -49.60 -1.30

HEADLINE: Investor Flight. “If a firm is ‘too big to fail,’ it is … too big” I love this quote by Thomas F. Cooley¬† in Forbes on line also¬† he says ‘First, the very notion of “too big to fail” is dangerous. It suggests that there is an insurance policy that says, no matter how risky your behavior, we will make sure you stay in business. It encourages banks to get bigger (or more interconnected), and it subsidizes risky behavior.¬† Second, it leaves ambiguous the important issue of who gets protected in the event of insolvency–the equity holders, creditors, subordinated debt holders, etc. It seems fair to say that the solutions that have developed on the fly have done severe damage to the notion that there is a well-ordered capital structure that means something.’¬† Because the growing trend in public opinion is that Banks will be deemed to big too fail and that Banks will be protected at the expense of the investor will we see an Investor flight?

  • The present financial crisis is not the problem nor a symptom but the consequence of¬† of¬† the public apathy for community issues of money, probably is the direct result of lack of pragmatism in the mathematical curriculum or in other words fear of real world math. But at the bottom I smell the ancient separation of math and money in elementary school where the proper instincts and passions are developed and we have to wait to graduate school to really learn that math and money have always been in our every day lives, This is a likely result of the fading¬† Banking Oligarchy. Fading!?? Yes sir, you are watching it, that is why you don’t understand what is going on.
  • In his article “Market Share thinking as old school thinking article” Mr. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explores briefly the awareness that obsolescence in what thinking model we use to to determine our impact in the world. The vast difference between relying on the meaning of a static value of a metric versus the trend of a sequence of values.
  • There are brokers making money right now in this difficult market regardless of whether the index is low¬† or high because the study the trends of the market.

Innovation: Marissa Mayer from Google explains how the concept of 20% or 1 day a week engineers are given room to work on what they are passionate about, this is Google method of discovering Innovation in a disciplined manner, becase, Ms Mayer says, you do not know how a new product will be received.


Oil 62.88 -0.57 -0.90
Gold 948.40 -6.80 -0.71
Natural Gas 3.61 -0.02 -0.69


DJStoxx 600 210.41 1.45 0.69
FTSE 100 4,416.23 4.51 0.10
DAX 30 5,000.77 15.17 0.30
CAC 40 3,294.86 24.77 0.76
S&P/MIB 20,312.00 15.00 0.07


UNICREDIT SPA 1.87 1.08 189248342
VODAFONE GROUP 118.5 0.59 173871427
MILLWALL HLDGS 0.0205 -6.82 161299393
ROYAL BK SCOTLAN 39.2 -2.49 126695708
LLOYDS BANKING 65.5 -1.95 90971975
BANCO SANTANDER 7.54 0.53 90023610
INTL GOLD EXPLOR 0.67 11.67 78265446
BP PLC 505 -0.05 65890575
BARCLAYS PLC 290 0.26 64149343
ENI SPA 17.07 -0.99 60358311

Today’s term: Annual Report

An annual publication that public corporations must provide to shareholders to describe their operations and financial conditions. The front part of the report often contains an impressive¬†combination of graphics, photos and an accompanying narrative, all of which chronicle the company’s activities over the past year. The back part of the report contains detailed¬†financial and operational information.

In the case of mutual funds, an annual report is a required document that is made available to fund shareholders on a fiscal year basis. It¬†discloses certain aspects of a fund’s¬† operations and financial condition. In contrast to corporate annual reports, mutual fund annual reports are best described as “plain vanilla” in terms of their presentation.
It was not until legislation was enacted after the stock market crash in 1929 that the annual report became a regular component of corporate financial reporting. Typically, an annual report will contain  the following sections:

-Financial Highlights
-Letter to the Shareholders
-Narrative Text, Graphics and Photos
-Management’s Discussion¬†and Analysis
-Financial Statements
-Notes to Financial Statements
-Auditor’s Report
-Summary Financial Data
-Corporate Information

A mutual fund annual report, along with¬†a fund’s prospectus and statement of additional information, is a source of multi-year fund data and performance, which is made available to fund shareholders as well as to prospective fund investors. Unfortunately, most of the information is quantitative rather than qualitative, which addresses the mandatory accounting disclosures required of mutual funds.

RedSerpent’s Index

Company              Ticker         Value          Change
Yahoo * YHOO        * $14.94      * -$0.34
Microsoft * MSFT         * $20.13      * -$0.21
Intel Corp * INTC          * $15.46      * -$0.02
Taser * TASR         * $4.20       * -$0.10
Cisco * CSCO         * $18.22      * -$0.27
James Funds * GLRBX     * $16.61       * -$0.20
Paychex * PAYX        * $26.93      * -$0.56

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Constitution Geek and Geek-otocracy

  • The Administration’s nomination of¬† the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court vacancy position clearly points to the ascendancy of the Constitution Geeks or to the Geek-otocracy that has begun to dominate the world, geeks are ruling from Football punting and lawn care to web publishing and Google. The Internet is facilitating and reinforces especifity of knowledge with awareness of its globality. Is a new way of changing the tools and resources of¬† the world funding its¬† ventures. A Google way.
  • This is why I am convinced that Mr. Robert Gates who is a USAF (SAC) veteran is the best choice to lead the GOP and will be President of the USA in the near future. The Aero Space Age demanded creativity of solutions like never before the Internet being it most famous child but also produced Integrated Circuits and even unintentionally changed comedy, yes through George Carlin who was a BombNav tech that worked in B-52’s,¬† an airman USAF (SAC, Barksdale AFB)
  • Today’s reading: I may take you a week to digest however is necessary reading in my opinion. From Wired Magazine: “The New New Economy: More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity”
  • Today’s term: What Does 30-Year Treasury Mean?:¬†¬† A U.S. Treasury debt obligation that has a maturity of 30 years. The 30-year Treasury used to be the bellwether U.S. bond but now most consider the 10-year Treasury to be the benchmark. The 30-year Treasury will generally pay a higher interest rate than shorter Treasuries to compensate for the additional risks inherent in the longer maturity. However, when compared to other bonds, Treasuries are relatively safe because they are backed by the U.S. government.

as of 12:15 today


S&P 500 904.79 17.79 2.01
NASDAQ 1,741.15 49.14 2.90
Russell 2000 496.45 18.83 3.94
S&P/TSX Comp 10,190.83 121.33 1.20
Mexico Bolsa 24,425.15 226.19 0.93
Brazil Bovespa 51,417.34 601.10 1.18


EUR-USD 1.3999 -0.0016 -0.12
USD-JPY 94.9500 0.1150 0.12
GBP-USD 1.5953 0.0046 0.29


Oil 61.70 0.03 0.05
Gold 952.20 -6.70 -0.70
Natural Gas 3.49 -0.03 -0.80

Failure: 2YR:cleanHouse, 2decades: cleanGovernSystem, 2GENERTN : History willClean WholeCountry&thoseNear without failing.

STAY: Do not allow them to distract you from your Life, stay the course of your dream that meets responsibility, STAY.

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GOP: Will its leaders rescue it in time from the Limbaugh train

What kind of party wants to be know in posterity for the party that internally opposed a decorated Hero (Senator John McCain and former Navy pilot) and is now insulting a former Joints Chief of Staff General Colin Powell ).

As a veteran am tired of watching the GOP allow itself to be led by the nose ring by 2 entertainers and allow the smearing of our warriors that served well in combat. The travesty of it all is how much The GOP decries the dysfunctional influence of Hollywood yet is afraid to denounce that the dysfunctional entertainer does not represent to Vision nor voice of the GOP, then again does it not??
The GOP has become the party of tawdry insults, deffinetely not a Conservative virtue nor value at all. The party for destroying Heroes regardless of party affiliation, the party of defiance run amok and self will run riot. Deffinitely not the party of Teddy Roosevelt nor Ronald Regan nor Barry Goldwater. Certainly the party of Mr. Limbaugh’s bile and those who relish it as sweet nectar.