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Financial Freedom: A decision

Financial Independence for newbies.

It has been difficult to write a post because the focus was blurred by nagging feelings that I could not use lucid thoughts connecting the dots between finances and world events that affect us sooner or later. Clearly these are not simple dots to connect they are entire pieces of fabric to be sewn together momentarily to create a fitting suit.
Slowly the wrinkles pointed to the missing subject: the Wisdom to make the best decisions or right decisions, the modern methods of  “Decision Making”  may sound fancy to this ancient human skill but in short is the obvious and simple common sense . Clearly no amount of Wisdom will not exempt us from the trials of life however it improves odds of  surviving them.

I believe that we can develop these skills, since we have had to develop difficult and complex tasks to function in our society, we just need to redirect our priorities. In my case I had to include fiances in my 2DO list. On the subject of Global Finances we begin to  develop a basic awareness of Money, the freedom and serenity afforded with the ability to make decisions with favorable results.  In short is In this world of global finances we need clear  vision of the facts, logic and of course healthy skepticism.

The birth of our Financial Independence.
Our Founding Fathers sought a political solution through military means to ensure The Financial Freedom of the American Colonies. Now we rejoiced on this past 4th of July about our Nation’s Independence and what we really celebrated was the incredible ability of our Founding Fathers to make decisions and carry them to their success.
Am and admirer of Deming and his success in quantifying Quality so I saw commonalities in the Founding Father’s  decision process to seek Independence.
We all can agree that they were not seeking to establish a Holiday nor entries in historical books, the Thirteen Colonies of North America overthrew the governance of the Parliament of Great Britain because they sought Financial Independence, this required a politically sovereign status.
Now we can argue about the philosophical influences or the Republican values advocated or the exhortation to civic duty yet all of this important academic fodder came about because the encroachment on financial freedoms, since in all other matters they were able to assemble and plot quite freely, relative to the times, for the war of Independence.

Making Independent decisions.

So how do we start to make the right decisions, how about a simplistic start to prime the learning bug?

If we look at a modified model of the Deming cycle:

  1. Evaluate our collected data
  2. Plan with specific goal in mind
  3. Do / Act execute clear steps
  4. Feedback on the effects/consequences of our steps
  5. back to 1 until successful and start a new project