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How will the iPad Xplatform affect your productivity?

Sitting at Java’s catching my breath or coffee is better when reading the news. The iPad promises an experience closer to flipping real pages than the iPod touch …did you know that newspapers come in color now? Really!

When using technology not everyone needs an expert just as a sick person doesn’t need to be a pharmacist to take an aspirin. Will the iPad and similar technologies make you more productive and help you be more efficient? That is the question that matters.

How do people perceive the iPad as product? Who will buy them? Style snobs or tech snobs? common sense folk or dreamers? Many think that spending $200 on a pair of sneakers is not fiscal conservatism Jordan or not …yet defying the financial downturn these companies $ell their wares.

On the iPad technology race I hope Google will enter this competition. In the meantime I can read fine with the iPod Touch small color screen, I read Bloomberg, Financial Times, S.J. Mercury, NY Times, There is an App, Fluent News that allows me to read Newspapers from all over the world. Comics(Witchblade, Abyss, Atomic Robo..) Have posted blogs, do: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Buzz. Have answered my e-mail both Yahoo and Gmail, sorry Hotmail, read Alice in Wonderland, Federalist Papers, an O’Reilly book,Sutras, Bible and couple more. Carry Fitness workouts with pictures, draw pictures, paintings and have made silly animations.

I have spread sheets about my workout results and many other things, my Google calendar is kept up to date because of the iPod, all sync with home computers. Maps allow me to map & manage my jogging routes. Have an App that maps where my contacts live or are. If i need to meet someone they can quickly be found if address given, watch TED, the Colbert Report(the Word), NASA, Last FM, …and so much more. I am more productive and in more control of my “TO DO” lists and Schedule’s than before. Efficacy++ in my life with the iPod Touch than with my laptops(Mac or Ubuntu). I love my Ubuntu and am not ditching it! but sometimes it gets in the way.

Multi tasking? Got a desktop & 2 laptops to answer the logistics of the next World evacuation to Tatooine. When am on the go on the go …i do not multi task then, my home computers do if i need to.

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iPhone/XPlatform Revolution

Iditarod Leadership by Chris Fuller. This free iPod App(Application) is one beautiful thing in every sense of the word: Looks, design and content . This App is powered by Tapstack and uses the leadership premise that “If you are not the lead dog the view never changes”, well our society will not function properly if everyone wants to be the chief, and Mr. Fuller seems to understand this (  Mr. Fuller has a website that zeroes his work to be of service to Team Leaders and works on that level/scale) He points ” Thermometers in business are those people who consistently communicate issues or problems (what the Temp. is) without adjustment or solution of the issue or dilemma.  Leaders need to be Thermostats, people who fully understand the reality as it exists today AND take ownership of the situation. They are fully engaged in creating and implementing the solution”

Well Apple has done this very well with the iPod Touch and the iPhone, through Apps the computing world has been revolutionized beyond the turning back point. The iPod Touch/iPhone has become a standard platform for How OS(Operating Systems) will behave by providing focused solutions  to the user.

I no longer depend on a laptop to stay connected while on the-go, It is easier and friendlier to use, has a faster browser, one is able to quickly  sync PIM(personal Information Managers: Contacts, iCal, Pocket Informant, Bento, many more) and mail, news content is tailored to my needs from Bloomberg, Y! Finance or CNN Money to TweetDeck or Facebook Apps to WordPress, PDF readers ESPN or  SI to WindFinder.

Is easy to read any of Shakespeare’s plays or Alice in Wonderland free as well Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. All beautifully displayed in vibrant colors.

This is the 4th time that Apple and Steve Jobs in particular taps the secret vein of changing history. 1st he did it with Steve Wozniak and Espinoza to create the   Apple II computer and by allowing 3 party vendors to have access to its design they became the beneficiary of a wealth of opportunities.

Actually what happened is that they opened the gate for a “Watershed of Technologies” like the airplane industry, to develop and connecting with higher education was a shrewd move the 2 Steve’s knew from how DEC(Digital Equipment Corporation) had given away free PDP-11 to power house Universities like MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Cornel created and cemented a  sub-industry   dependent on a need neglected by IBM.

The 2nd instance was marked by the introduction of the MacIntosh, a computer that was an improvement on the Lisa which used a then revolutionary concept in  OS: real windows, a technology borrowed!?   ;-)  from Xerox.

The 3rd instance was the introduction of the iPod. A device that invented by Tony Fedell, an independent inventor, a man from Rochester NY who wanted to improve how a device interacted with Napster.

The 4th of course is the iPhone/iPod Touch, an invention that has already changed the computer industry. In my opinion is the platform best suited to deliver Cloud Computing.

I forsee the Cloud devices being an improved iPodTouch with a screen that has about 35-50 square inches more in real estate or about 2-3 inches wider and longer and the providers being Apple and Google with an Android OS.

Newsweek Magazine published an issued devoted to the impact that the iPod Touch/iPhone will have in businesses, new industry and employment. In an article: “There is gold in them iPhones” the explanations continue

Also in an article about the diversity and wealth of Apps “There’s an App for that” Daniel Lyons points out how mind-blowing and how real this explosion of technological talent is. There is humor also like the App that caters to populist outrage with an App that allows you to stop the crooked bankers from escaping.

The advantage of the iPod Touch over the iPhone is that you are not tied down to the ball and chain of monthly payments, you buy it once and you’re done with it. Buy the Apps you need that’s all. There are Apps from totally free to free lite versions of full Apps to 99 cents Apps all away through 4.99 to 12.99; with few exceptional special purpose Apps $25.00 (books for professionals)

Really ! what are you waiting for? Get yours soon.