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Twitter: 4Sale: back 2Old failed ideas?

The buzz is that Google or Microsoft should buy Twitter because it will improve their business
Amazing just after the Wall Street crash and people are still thinking with their BUBBLE HAT.
Why is all of this hubris in my opinion?


First is necessary to mention that I love Twitter un-apologeticaly, why? Results, long awaited results. Do you remember getting your first 300 baud modem/ Mine was a used Hayes & back then browsing was an art or an adventure, :-D  we knew the pin-outs of the connectors and basic code, so that we could get the basic and latest news from afar and from bulletin boards in the know with their finger on the pulse LOL. Ham radio enthusiasts worked hard to rig their radios to computers blah blah blah …the things we dreamed we could do if we only had the right tools. Well that tool has arrived sweetly: Twitter, actually tool
My knowledge has grown like an understanding and satisfaction of knowing amazing people as they live their lives, faster with Twitter than with any other method available 2 the public, Price tag: $$ Invaluable.
Twitter and the Twitterverse (Twitter universe) is an awesome resource because it has a fundamental sound engine and truly is a system made up of many independent tools: reTweetRadar, nearby tweets and many more. Many hundred of thousands feel this way and millions do similarly. In these there is a sense of unity and brotherhood/fellowship.
Twitter by itself is great but by itself lacks the sum power of what it is today. The Twitter universe is a system of independent companies what gives it its explosive power.
Google (GOOG)-Twitter is a win-win-win solution for both companies and Twitteverse
Microsoft-Twitter is a win-lose-lose, good for Microsoft (MSFT), bad for Twitter lousy for Twitteverse,
MSFT would not allow integration of all the integrated/synergyzed tools available for Twitter such as Tweetwasters, Twubble, Twitscoop, Twitter Analyzer, Qwitter an other & those to come. The MSFT mindset is allergic to those principles.
Why do I think the $1billion sale to Microsoft or Google is hubris at this point? Because the Gods of Corporate Destiny resemble the bickering self centered Gods of Mount Olympus more so than any other mythological set.
When one is to consider the fact that a fair share of today’s Twitter rise is a bubble created by the “break the record followers” effect so the novelty will subside leaving a faithful core that has been capable and willing to exploit Twitter’s premise of micro-blogging and I think most of it is intuitive knowing and perhaps that is why is so viral.
Learn 2 Live and Let Live.
Relax and pay attention.

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More $$2 bailout more jobcuts?
Secretary of Treasury Geithner announced in his first day that Banks will need $4 “Trillion” because they do not have enough capital … Hey we’ve known that for a while now! everything we have bought in the last 20 years has been pretty much borrowed in other words we have not had real money to save in banks for some time now.
Just remember that as long as we do not manufacture products here at home then every penny the Fed prints will go out of the US not savings therefore no money into banks. Have you seen the many cities that China has built? many and all paid cash and they are still sitting on a pile guess where that cash came from? you got it, US
How did this all happen, WHO made the wise decision? Not some poor Mexican sitting in Tijuana. He did not walk into a corporate boardroom and demanded Hey send your jobs to Tijuana because I want to work for 6 months and then retire for life with that itty bitty money.
WHO then: American CEO’s …think who else?
WHY: CEO’s(which is not the same as the free market system nor are they the corporation) kept saying for decades that what is good for the shareholders is good for America.
WHO ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS? Well the CEO’s of course that is how they get paid, they usually are among the strongest shareholders. Regardless of profits or sales if laying off workers sends the share prices up, there will be layoffs. Before arguing with this statement go to the library and study and research it yourself because you can do it, you are capable of it, you don’t have to call some talk show host to do the thinking for you. I know you got intellectual balls, use them.
Think: If cheaper workforces was good for the shareholder why don’t they hire cheaper CEO’s from Mexico and China at a 1/20th the price? Chinese, Korean , Japanese, Indian CEO’s are doing very well so is Mexican Carlos Slim the 2nd richest man in the world.
Let me paint the picture:
55,000 to 76,000 jobs cut in single day, coincidence?
Home Depot: 7,000 cut because they are not selling as much “Made in China“ products.
GM: 2,000 cut jobs, they just got bailed out and lookey here!
Caterpillar: 20k \ Proxy Mining: Caterpillar Chief Made $17M in 2007, Possibly Half That This Year reports NYT–>In 2007, its chief executive J.W. Owens received:
– a base salary of $1.5 million
– a bonus of $300,000
– stock awards totaling $918,626
– option awards totaling $7.1 million
– non-equity incentive plan compensation* totaling $4.4 million
– change in pension value and non-qualified deferred compensation** totaling $2.6 million
– other compensation*** totaling $221,307

Total: $17.1 million, up from $14.8 million in 2006.
Texas Instruments: 3.4k \ Fourth-quarter sales fell to $2.49bn, or 8 cents a share, below analyst estimates of 11 cents. Quarterly profit fell to $107m from $756m a year ago …still $100million+ profit!

Pfizer: 19.5k after takeover of Wyeth.
My roommate has a serious illness 2 weeks ago she went to fill her prescription for 30 days and the tab the pharmaceuticals demanded: $1,200.00( that is right 30 days). My roommate is not the only one in America using Pharmaceuticals.

Sprint-Nextel: will cut 8,000 to save $1.2b Even when its stock is rising \$35bn merger[Dan Hesse ceo-] \\ cut 4k last year now has 56k. Also stopped matching 401k
AT&T plans to cut 12k[approx. 4%]Sprint the company had a cash balance of $4.1b after paying debts in 2008 claims lost $1.8bn to AT&T and Verizon. They are laying off people with a cash balance of $4,000,000,000+ in their coffers

Why do I write this?
The objective is to spark the fire of curiosity to learn for one self (every one of us) to develop the courage to learn about economics and money matters and business management, we have to.
I BELIEVE THAT THE REASON WHY (we the working class)GROUPS SUCH AS THE UNIONS FAILED SO DEFINITELY IS BECAUSE THEY GOT EDUCATIONALLY COMPLACENT. Made the same mistake that Native Americans did 100 years ago, they signed a paper. Yes Unions signed a paper agreement with management and figured that all they had to do is work hard and mind their own business. Live and let live. Did not fare well to butt heads.
When it came to understanding the big financial picture we got out maneuvered by more nimble management that capitalized in a changing culture and country. But this is another story for another time.
Never did I want to care for the evil journeys of money …I was wrong all I did was neglect my understanding of the society in which we all live AND WHAT MAKES IT TICK. I’ve now learned that is my duty to educate myself in these matters. And incite you all to do the same, we all can because is the only peaceful way out my friends. The Only one.
It is a beautiful day to be a student today.

To Thy Own Self Be True.

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3 days after The Bailout

Oct8 TheFall Aftert The Help:


I must clarify that am new at this and recently began to learn about the Market. I have written several posts already in this Blog, however I did not present the goals and vision statement of the RedeSerpent Blog. The Vision Statement will be located in the updated first post: “Hello a new world perspective”. It is a new world perspective because it will challenge me and the readers, I hope, to see the world with new eyes from the angle of ‘Our Paycheck’ and years ago it became clear how pervasive was Wall Street in the performance of my job meaning being laid off because the CEO is trying to protect the Investors. I have struggled to communicate to my peers that it is the process of maximizing profits from the Shares Market Value that has the biggest impact in our paychecks, quality of available parts in manufacturing, choices of design to implement and `many other aspects important to the vitality of Quality in Manufacturing. CEO’s easily bamboozle employees with a language foreign to the rank and file employee that sounds like Chinese: “Finance-ereese” heavy with the Wall Street dialect.

Well the failure of executives is exposed their denial persists. Mr. Sullivan was grilled by Congress this week for their dismal performance at AIG. After being shamefully humiliated with a Bailout They Spend over $400,000.00, tax money to pamper themselves like rich old women, certainly the code of the Samurai(remember Xerox’s book) did not apply to these frugal bunch that are looking out for financial welfare of the Investors. All of their talk cannot be hard over the loud hypocritical behavior

Came to the realization that this was the weakest point of my knowledge, global,affairs, the US economy and the main force that drives business decisions in the US to lay off workers, and the main reason why US legacy products have poor quality. and understanding of my financial welfare which is close to zero, zero is good, is Zen monk like. For years I have meditated and pursued a spiritual frugality of leaving no tracks behind. Well soon I discovered Sasquatch was following me, I could see the footprints behind me.

It was clear urgent that I would begin my education on this area, this is what this blog will reflect in part and in part how this affects our lives


Thursday October 09’08 7:00 am

DAX 5038.38 [+24.76 /// +0.49%]

Nikkei 9,157.49 [-45.83] /// -0.5]

FTSE 4420.72 [+54.03 /// +1.24%]


closed Wednesday October 8-’08

DJI:9258.10 [-189.01///-2.00%]
Nasdaq Composite 1,740.33 [-14.55///-0.83%]

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (AMEX:SPY) 97.51 [-2.52 /// -2.52% ]

WTI CRUDE FUTURE (USD/bbl.) $89.240 [+0.290 /// +0.33%]

GOLD 100 OZ FUTR (USD/t oz ) $887.2 [19.300 /// 2.13%]

WHEAT FUTURE(KCB) (USd/bu.) $649.500 [+11.5 /// +1.80%]



closed Tuesday Oct 7 ’08:

DJI: 9447.11 [ -508.39 /// %]; NASDAQ [1754.88 [-108.08 /// %]

Au(gold): [ /// %]; Ar(silver): [ /// %]AA


The 3d Day after the bailout, Wednesday October 8, the S&P falls bellow 1,000 points falling 5.7 %

US CDs: 5.58 [1 mo]; 5.44 [6 mo]; 6.51 [12 mo]

EURO CDs: 5.15 [1 mo]; 5.44 [6 mo]; 5.5 [12 mo]

US Libor: 3.93 {overnight]; 4.14 [1 mo]; 4.01 [6 mo]; 3.9 [12 mo]

Euro Libor: 4.48 [overnight]; 5.16 [1 mo]; 5.43 [6 mo]; 5.48 [12 mo]

from ////.

Libor rates from //


The Bailout, What next?

[DJI]Jones Industrial closed 16:31 wed 1 Oct-08

VALUE: 10,831.07
CHANGE: -19.59
% CHANGE: -0.18

./ Sean Hannon, CFA, CFP, of writes for the about the 5 Lessons learned from this Financial crisis:1- Solvency not Liquidity.  2- Valuation is in the eye of the beholder 3- Public policy cannot cure private market woes. 4- Deleveraging markets kill innovation 5- No company is too big to fail.

In finance, solvency is the ability of an entity to pay its  debts with available cash.

In finanace, valuation is the process of estimating the  market value of a financial asset or liability. Valuations can be done on assets (for example, investments in marketable securities such as stocks, options, business,  enterprises, or intangible asstes such as patents and trademarks  or on liabilities (e.g., Bonds issued by a company).

The following links are meant to shed light on the fact that the Financial is not what is made out to be is the economy at large that will have felt consequences next Spring of ’09
there is time to prepare. The bailout will happen but the credit crunch will mean little with smaller opportunities in the USA to finance or lend money to.
All this because of concentration of Industries and and a FED that is drunk happy printing money afraid of deflation.

In the eyes of Mark Faber of Marc Faber, Ltd ..he notes that a- The bailout is not fair(Free Market point of view) b- Overconcentration of Industry prevents the Free Market from working as it should c-The bailout will happen but the long slumping economy will shed its bitter fruits in the Spring of ’09
in an Interview with Bloomberg Muse
.. .. Why  the Fed prints money..

Nikkei Wed.-1 Oct ’08
VALUE: 11,368.26
CHANGE: +108.4
% CHANGE: +0.96

DAX (German Market) 1 Oct- 08
VALUE: 5,806.33
CHANGE: -24.69
% CHANGE: –0.42