About RedSerpent

RedSerpent blog is a learning journal. Learning about Big Data , Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Started with the wish to learn about how the Financial Market affected the uneducated in Finances. How folk’s 401K fares, as an investment in the Stock Market, affected their future. Things change and so do topics of interest.

My promise to you is that if you fallow this blog you will learn a little more about the latest paradigm shift in recent years: Big Data. Many business do not engage in the business of their items for sales. As an example:  Amazon is not in the book business, Netflix is not in the movie rental business… they are in the Big Data business.

Now am learning R and Python. These  are 2 of the programming languages used  with Big Data.   This blog promises to shed some illumination to the new comers about these subjects.

Thankful to:
Wordpress.com for providing freely this vehicle of writing.

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