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Week 2: Creative Problem Solving class. Dressed as mailing package.


My package outfit had on it a US Postal Service box with name, address, stamps all Legal. Nobody really noticed (5 strangers, I live in quiet neighborhood) Only Noticed the unusual “crazy” factor.  They were responding from their habitual thinking.
I had a whole week and nothing came to mind that was unique enough. Am staying at my daughters place in New Jersey helping with her kids as she goes back to finish college. The point is that almost all my stuff is in storage in another state, Rochester, Upstate New York.
My grand kid got sick so i had to stay with him all day. I mention this because this pushed me out of my comfort zone. This put pressure and sense of urgency. After thinking and realizing that my time was precious these 3 thoughts flowed in sequence:

  • the mailman would be here at noon
  • i had saved packaging paper for painting but screw it I could use it for homework
  • dress up as a mailing package, how would be to be sent out like mail stuff?

At first I thought this was a lame idea because there was no story to it then i realized that i had to accept that is an idea. Give it a chance.
The thinking process that allowed this idea to come forth was Divergent Thinking. The honing of the idea and working it out is the Convergent Thinking part of the Creative Process. More about this on the Summary at end of the homework submission.

Mailing my self out 

 yup  and..then
what a wonderful bunch of paper, so wisely rescued, my daughter wanted to throw it out. Now it had a chance to be useful once again.
We usually send stuff everywhere. We have built rules about the efficiency of delivery. So powerful are our packaging habits that one of the best indicators for predicting the future of stocks is looking at how UPS, DHL and FedEx stock are performing. So ubiquitous that we think nothing and expect all accuracy.
What would people think if a human was mailed out just like a magazine subscription or a book from Amazon? Crazy? Why? Really what would make it crazy if not a cultural concept. Would it be cheaper to travel from New York to San Francisco if I shipped myself 3d class mail. OK 3 day delivery…is faster to travel those 3000 miles plus that going by bus/Grayhound.

    he took my picture also leaning

So what would the professionals would think of this?  I awaited for the mailman. He was pretty serious about not being in the picture, government regulations. He thought i was going to mug him =D
But was very gracious and took my picture with my my iPodTouch. It was hard because the screen cracked and shattered badly a month ago. I wanted to petend i was getting in the truck and have a picture taken but he did not want anybody messing with the truck or mail, a true professional, ahh

    …well the public agrees
a third person willing to take pictures and be in it is not here since the cracked screen prevented him from operating the camera buttons., so he took a video…oh well


  • The Divergent segment of this exercise was long and disorganized, ideas were expected not harvested. Therefore few arrived
  • I had no structured way to set place and time to do Divergent Thinking exercises, I was all brainstorming. After re-viewing the videos and taking notes I could see the wealth of information from the Professor’s video tutorials.
  • A week of Brainstorming did not do what 15 minutes of Divergent Thinking did.
  • I can see why is important to assess my Creativity skills are. They make  the process real.
  • Why did I chose to dress DSD[dress] as mail package.  I was clearly crazy and different no matter what. And it put me out of my comfort zone. Seeking social involvement dressed like this in this very conservative neighborhood was not a party.
  • What was Different, DSD?    It was not Halloween, it was noon middle of the day, my neighbors are very private and very very quiet, normal regular hard working folk. No non-sense is ever seen nor heard here…until today!  =D
  • The material was recycled paper I was saving for an ink job. The color was plain utilitarian brown.
  • The outfit was handmade by me for the purpose of discovering how unusual is to people the idea of being a package. Nobody noticed the “Package” only the “Crazy” or “out of the ordinary” aspect, even the mailman whose job is packages did not associate my mail package outfit.
  • We do not recognize elements that are out of the ordinary that are outside our force of habit. Outside our stochastic programmed goals.
  • Creativity is beginning to look to me as the ability to step outside our stochastic direction and programming for a moment long enough to see the opportunities and interactions available, grasp them and utilize them …and reap the benefits I hope  =)

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