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Coding for this nubie.

Have neglected this blog for some time. Just had lost my original vision for this Blog. Seems like a new one is developing. And will compliment couple of my blogs, fir3h3ron and Logic and Passion at my.opera/wintercrow.
Have been learning to code for the last 4 months, on my own, yup! self taught. The goal: become a web developer.

What a fool! I had no idea what it meant. A mess of technologies and languages to learn. Am not a spring chicken but like my aunt Rosa used to say:  “El mundo es de los audaces” or The world belongs to those who dare. Sink or swim here I jumped.

Found out that I do like coding and in particular Ruby and JavaScript. This has given new feathers  to my wings.
There are things that bother me about the Busines of technology that interfere with the development and execution of bringing a better lilfe to humanity.   Writing about anything was confusing because of my Zen influence I didn’t just want to be  a compulsive complainer nor a negative always dissonant note.The reality is that just a dash of angst is enough to compel me to blog more often. And hopefully with more quality.

I found this blog that reads like the way I wish I could write. It sets a standard for me, and  have been reading lately. Found it worth pointing to and commenting on:    I, blog  Is insightful and level headed. Check it out. It has an element of gold in that it’s accurate predictions and ballpark accuracy is more than enough.
Today’s quick rant is about one trend that clearly annoys me, the inability of excellent Universities to teach coding  that is relevant and in a manner that is effective. Well, not just efficient but “Effective AND Efficient”.
Standford, MIT and few others are offering on line classes. I did checked them and wow …  a boring pomposity. Time is ticking and I don’t have 4 years to learn how to create a payroll program. There are many other ways to teach the fundamentals like recursion, inheritance, stack versus memory pointers, data structures and algorithms.

There seems a great disconnect between their CS school and their Technology labs.
Why can’t they ask the ‘OnLine’ students “go and buy a $45.00/$25.00 AVR Microcontroller board at your local online vendors or Radio Shack.   Any of  Arduino, Parallax, PIC, RaspberryPI and we’ll teach you how to program it(C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby) …and integrate it with your ISP import code from our servers and make it  start your car. Then explain every step and line of code that passed between your source code to Our school’s server via wi-fi back to your car via Bluetooth.”  Not hard at all.

Where is the willingness.  We could do it in C then in JavaScript and Python and Rails.
Imagination! Vision!
Enough for today. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant. Have a god one.


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