American vision

Loving freedom while thinking like colonial power

Understanding our place in the world.

Watching the Sunday Political review of the week am aware of our national ‘Blind spot’ when it comes to foreign policy. It amazes me how strong is the Habit Force of our politician’s colonial mindset. Observing the political arguments and the legacy journalism inertia to set up answers with their questions. The politicians and pundits chose to engage in their own dialect and marketing propaganda. This sadly clouds the conversation with the American public. Those who say that they can follow up the “Logic” of rationalizations offered for action in Syria, pro or con, are lying to themselves. Is Deja Vu all over again.

Speaking of foreign affairs, Why are we repeating our costly and bloody mistakes?

How is it that we are still erring in making the right choices? What do we need to change?

Why is it that after reading news from Syria it looks like the template of Vietnam and Iraq?

Because we still think of our importance in the world like colonial powers used to think. That is how we implemented policy in Vietnam and that is how we tried to impose order in Iraq.

Our error has always been one of not knowing the hearts and minds of the countries where station our military. We force through our Byzantine policy process the  sale of ideology, policy, governance and culture beyond our constitutional mandate. We have never been able to synthesize our ideals of Liberty with our Post-Colonial needs.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

About Syria in 2013., clearly the use of Biological and Chemical weapons is serious business just as Nuclear weapons are, that is not the issue nor is Washington’s acrimony across parties or the trolling for news coverage by pundits.

The issue is our Mindset. The need to transcend our Colonial Mindset. Our survival as a nation beyond the 21st Century depends on dropping the way we look at our place in the world through the lenses of Colonialism. There is a way to meet the needs of a great nation while being aware of what other nations think and feel of themselves and their particular needs. Economic and military subjugation is on the way out. Iraq clearly illuminates that. This does not make the military irrelevant, on the contrary. The problem is not our guns rather our mindset, specifically the willingness to change it.

We will repeat our mistakes as long as we believe in the need to sell ideologies and that we have to protect our global(colonial pride) influence.

How do this happens? We love freedom, capitalism and the rule of law. This system is tremendously successful. We fail realizing that to sustain “The American Way of Life” is vital to control a vast supply network. How to accomplish this beyond Colonial methods is our dilemma, one that we have not addressed fully.

We need a paradigm shift  at the National level.  This in returns requires that Americans educate ourselves about the world by getting to know their people.

And we cannot to know the world when we do not care to know ourselves. The Syrian situation of 2013 stands to divide our country once again. Do we need another Occupy protest to brings us together? We are a smart people in many ways. We are yet immature when it comes to letting other countries live in peace with their own dysfunctional processes. Our need to interact with other countries commercially has changed since we sold them on the idea that freedom is cool. This meant we had to let them be free to fail and succeed on their own. Also to accept or reject to trade with us. This is where  financial Colonialism, comes to face the mirror of Liberty.


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