American vision

To dance under the Sun again

To dance Below a bright sun…Ahh.

For 5 months I’ve been living in New Jersey
for today the sun is bright and clear we say
the temperature has a chill with its doubts at play
the faint euphoria challenges the habitual fear
because mistakes I left on my rear;
because below the sun is only on earth
ships full of thinking “we can’t” do take berth.
Ships of white clouds travel away
from the blue mountain
into the ocean white sails above the waves
leaving a question, do I have enough brave change…
in me …so what is my life’s direction?  Again
do i need to mention again
doing life changes after 55, moves feel like a Hail Mary pass?
Tunkuxila am grateful for all the gifts received in my past
Tunkuxila I want to dance again,
All is good with the songs in my heart,
Always life settles in it’s chaos form
although things are lost, it makes room for new forms.
Empty is the set of isolated hearts,
emptiness is the rumor heard
while attempting to be smart
while life moves in the highway of chances,
under the bright sun
the dark side of the moon gets equal chance.
The love from a daughter and son
understand their life
Understanding helps but doesn’t live life.
Living what is found under the sun
giving without fear of loss
softly like the green moss
Tunkuxila I want to dance again under the sun.


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