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Facebook, growing irrelevant?

“Pew Internet and American Life Project that came on Tuesday February 5th said that people are Tuning out Facebook for weeks at a time is commonplace and many are taking Sabbatical from Facebook” …?  Sooo   …they are missing the point by using faulty syllogisms. See table at end of post.

The overwhelming response from all media: Modern[Web Native] and Legacy[Print & TV Networks] to the Pew and American life project report focuses on  questioning whether Facebook is on the decline or not.

  The question is typical of the Legacy Journalism mindset, they look for answers to a problem instead of looking around for the lay of the land, thus fail to observe the dynamics at play and the lessons offered.

Many have taken sabbatical on just about any subject, name it, yet this does not translate to a universal dropout of society. It is a re-alignment, simple. The most probable cause for the decision to dropout could be that many have issues with their friends opinions and behaviors. As have we all heard from Facebook users the “environment turned sour”. So you re-align your friends. Un-friend-ing is very hard for many. But wisely or not the point is that a Facebook account requires work. It doesn’t matter if one’s friends are members of Mensa or members of The Bonehead Society because they are our boneheads. The tragedy of losing a cell phone or changing Networks is not just the issue of the loss of physical device but the loss contacts and information inside, sometimes is the hardship of the necessary sync. No different for Social Networks.

Wonder why folks still use AOL?  …OK you get it.
Many bemoan their friends behavior, “How could I have known blah blah…”  Well what do you expect of a website designed at first to check out the most eligible  and maybe hook up under the radar for quick ‘intimacy’. Unfortunately many expect “perfect behavior” at Facebook. Regardless of faults many return because it is a good public forum platform to communicate ideas or events from the most trivial to the most serious.

To summarize: Those who leave Facebook will return. Complaining but will return with new ideas and attitudes towards some participants or activities. Their habits will adjust. Social Websites are like cars.

You don’t know your friends ability to certain attitudes and behaviors until you are inside of one with them, Surprise!

So those who left and have returned need to grow.  Ususaly they have learned to calmly and lovingly un-friend those who are offensive or thrash their wall with overwhelming amounts of requests and posts.  Nothing new. We have been dealing and learning to do better in these situations since the mid 1980’s [at 300 baud]

A social website/forum allows your designed/designated community to peruse information. Is easier to listen to people you know from your own community.  Facebook premise of intimacy bodes well for the American Society that values privacy. This is why Facebook does better than Google’s  G+

Any comparison to Twitter does not apply so well, environments and goals are different. There is a crossover such as a Twitter user posting links to her web blog and  Facebook  used to support the first two with a Facebook page.  This is presently implemented by many to the good fortune of Facebook and users.

Today, February 6 of 2013 a Google search for “Facebook usage” returned 108,000 results. The first page had all results with content from the Pew Research about Facebook users showing “Facebook Fatigue”, the results came from articles written by: GMA News,  NY Times,   Vator News,  Forbes,  ZD/Net,  Media Post Communications,  Central Valley Business Times. All first page links pertained the Pew report. Yahoo returned 1,880,000 results with 8 out of the first 10 about same report. And Bing showed almost same results as Yahoo.

Yet Facebook stock is going up as I write this post. In December 2012  the company posted net income of $64 million well ahead of estimates of $45.8 million. Likewise, the company beat EPS estimates by 2 cents, earning 17 cents per share. [Reported by]

Facebook [ FB : ticker] is at $29.15  up 0.51  up 1.78%

Facebook has made The Essential transition to become a Mobile Company.   Facebook is still the largest social network with over 1.06 billion people logging in every month. Remember that is not registered users who have created an account but people who do go and check their Facebook profile every 30 days.

source: C/Net:


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