American vision

New Directions

Well folks it has been a little over ten months since my last post and many things of great significance in the world have come to  pass in the political, financial and geological areas. My predictions of gold were a tad off and the Euro did not sink as I had foreseen.

One thing is clear to me now and that is an American resurgence of manufacturing in the field of robotics. Personally I have been bitten by the Arduino bug. The question to watch is if Americans will have the backbone and foresight to hold Corporations accountable for keeping manufacturing in America.

The great significance of this is not the issue of jobs but more importantly and actually fundamentally important is the issue of sustaining the technological know how with its sustaining ecosystem which was present in America until the 1980’s .

I will talk about more details hidden in between the media coverage. It’s all about LEADERSHIP, PERSONAL LEADERSHIP AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

This is the new direction that this blog  will pursue. Thank you and please check this site again in a few days(…Wednesday)


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