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Lessons lost: Need 4 Vision

Our present financial crisis presents an incredible opportunity to learn lessons otherwise may have gone un-noticed.

This blog has brought forward the idea that we the public have failed in our duty to educate ourselves in maters of money, finance and leadership. Also that our present financial crisis was precipitated by the lack of public oversight in to these matters where poor management and destructive leadership.

Microsoft’s leader is one example we can begin to track.

Mr. Ballmer has made a series of calls to arms against out to destroy Microsoft and has purchased a contract with Yahoo where it will retain control of the technical side and give away nearly 80% of the revenue.

Why? The only possible answer is to destroy or maim Google. This strategy is an old one at Microsoft where they purchased companies like Visicalc and others to develop what now is Office then pretty much gutted snd destroyed the original company.

Microsoft is forgetting a vital detail, these companies are not to get them but they are out to succeed regardless of Microsoft’s performance in the stock market. These companies have a wealth of innovation to crank out and are creating alliances with other industries such as chip manufactures (Intel, TI) telcos, (Sprint, Verizon)

Microsoft stock went up and Yahoo tanked, nothing new since Yahoo lost its most valuable asset and Microsoft failed to see that web sales through SEOs is the bread and butter of Internet Corporations, however Technology is the table and silverware and stove. Windows 7 and subsequent reincarnations eventualy will not be able to stand up to what is becoming the web/mobil technology OS standard Unix derivative systems and Java developed Applications.

Microsoft is making the same mistake Detroit made: Inability to shelve Legacy technologies.


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