Citizen responsibilty, Leadership

The Misery of innovative bigotry

Set Music to Peter and the Wolf
Medida execs have been whining about loss of revenue while accusing the users of the web for their revenue loss, due their unacknowledged lack of ingenuity. From Rupert Murdoch and James Moroney to Barry Diller there has been a crescendo of dispair from the executive suites of News Media corporations. As the old saying goes “It is a poor craftman he who blames his tools for his mistakes”

The Wolves
Internet users, businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs. Think Yahoo, Twitter, Google, ZDNet, CNet, Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Sillicon Valley News, and many more through You Tube and My Space and other web venues.

The Demand
To ax web users of news content by charging them. The reality is that millions are profiting from the web except them in a fashion that they are accustomed (gazillions of dollars into their personal accounts), maybe because they are clueless as to how to do it even though many are and more are learning.
Free news is not news, its an old fact

a- Feed Peter to the wolves? Remember Peter has a yatch, jets, many mansions, bodyguards and pushes politicians around.
b- Donate a brain for Peter? Again see a- and they already have a good brain they lack humanity that they disguise with philanthropic contributions (a hospital building with their name) too bad if it is a tax deduction
The Moral of the Story
The Misery of innovative bigotry
This proves that many Executives do not care abut the System of Free Enterprise,. To them it is only a means to their self centered goals.

Free news content to subscribers is as old as radio bradcasting and the FCC

Thus we shall see relentless attempts through lobbying to legislate innovation is as damaging as the pursuit of legislating stupidity, yet we as a society do not learn until we have this great SNAFU.
There are many good citizen executives. Unfortunatelly these many good people have not made the decision to police themselves
the unfortunate result is that the general public seeks to address the problem through legislation and we all suffer except the culprits.
S&P 500 977.29 -1.97 -0.20
NASDAQ 1,958.67 -7.29 -0.37
Russell 2000 547.84 -0.62 -0.11
S&P/TSX Comp 10,757.39 69.49 0.65
Mexico Bolsa 26,456.36 -190.01 -0.71
Brazil Bovespa 54,299.88 -157.41 -0.29

Todays word/term :

Health Care:
The largest industry in 2006 from the point of view of the industrial infrastructure.
The treatment and its management , from the point of view of patient doctor point of contact.

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